Armijo Torres Ricardo
Ricardo Armijo Torres
Centro INAH Tabasco

ENAH Archeology graduate with a PhD in Anthropology from the same institution. Level C Research Professor attached to the Tabasco INAH Center since 1992. He has specialized in the conservation and restoration of earthen architecture with limestone mortar. In 1993 he started the Comalcalco Archeological Project financed by INAH, with the aim of identifying the way of living of the population at the various social levels, as a means of understanding the dating of the city and its role in the south of Mesoamerica, particularly its commercial ties. The project also provided an in-depth analysis of the earthen and brick architecture as a means of conserving it as well as possible. It was necessary to bring together a group of varied specialists for this purpose, from various institutions in different part of the country. Hence the project has made use of a combination of archeological, anthropological, linguistic, ethno-historical, historical, iconographic and ethnographic information. He made significant finds in the process, which he has researched and which are now displayed in the site museum. He has written a number of publications including joint publications with the various researchers who have participated in the project. He has participated in the INAH Research Performance Incentive Program since 1998, and has been a registered member of the State Research System of Tabasco since 2003.
Armijo Torres
Armijo Torres Ricardo


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